Wednesday, 12 September 2012

So What Wednesdays...


- I’m obsessed with everything fall related… bring on the pumpkin spice lattes, colourful leaves, and boots/scarves.
- I should be doing an assignment for my Sports in the Ancient World class but instead I am looking at Pinterest and watching Property Brothers
- I am jealous of my man because he got an iPad 3 today. It’s used but it’s in brand new condition.
- I often procrastinate until the very last minute and then freak out because I have such a tight deadline
- I am missing home already (after a week).
- I treat my cat Maggie like she is my baby. Literally, I love her so much that I wonder what I will be like when I actually have a child…
- I wish it was Friday, and not Wednesday (solely because I have night class tonight and early classes tomorrow).

Can’t wait for nice temperatures and time spent with my man this weekend!

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  1. Oh how I do love fall things and the Property Brothers. :) I like this!


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