Tuesday, 11 September 2012

If you really knew me...

- you’d know that I broke my elbow when I fell off a horse in middle school and still to this day can’t fully extend my arm. I’d say that it is stuck at slightly over 90 degrees and this makes it tricky to do certain things, for example push ups.
- you’d know that I was always the “fat girl” growing up and was constantly bullied by the boys in my grade who would say things like “honk honk, watch out everyone… wide load coming through”.
- you’d know that I have experienced quite a bit of loss in my short lifetime already. I lost my cousin Brad when I was 6 or 7, my Grandpa Bill, my Great Grandma Murray, my cousin Melissa, and my Grandpa Cook.
- you’d know that of each of these people that I have lost, they each hold a special place in my heart and I have very fond memories of them. For example, my cousin Brad was like a big brother to me… my mom said he always chose to baby-sit my sisters and I on a Saturday night rather than go out with his teenage friends. The last memory I have of him is when… we were at my house and all of us kids were playing tag or a combination of tag and hide and go seek and Brad was the person who was “it”. He was chasing me and accidentally hit me in the nose, in which I got a massive nose bleed and he apologized profusely… he felt so bad but this memory warms my heart because I remember his smell that day and the feeling of his arms around me in a comforting embrace.
- you’d know that when I was young I would get nose bleeds everyday. These nose bleeds would last hours on end and were a really big pain in the butt.
- you’d know that when I was a child, I was a daddy’s girl through and through. Before I was old enough to go to school I would spend hours outside with him feeding the cows, baling, driving in the tractor, and going out for breakfast. I was always fascinated by my dad and how hard he continually works every single day.
- you’d know that I played softball for 9 years from the age of 3 until I was about 12 and that I played rugby for all 4 years of my high school days.
- you’d know that I have a passion for anything fitness, health, wellness related and I love that I am going to school to pursue this passion.
- you’d know that I have the cutest fur baby ever. I mean I have Jinx & Missy (the family’s pets) but MY baby is my cat Maggie who my boyfriend and I rescued from the Humane Society. She is literally the cutest, sweetest, most spoiled animal on earth and I love her very much.
- you’d also know that my boyfriend and I have added another fur baby into the picture. My boyfriends brother found a kitten who was abandoned and alone in our hometown… and at first we named her Bella only to find out that it is a boy so he is now named Milo or “Bella the Fella”. I miss that little ball of mischief (he’s living with my boyfriends parents for the year).
-you’d know that I am a country girl to the bone. I have been in 4-H for 12 years where I show cattle and make a profit from selling my steer (go ahead, you can laugh). The country means wide open fields, peace and quiet, long walks on dirt roads, the sound of cows mooing, and generally just a sense of “home” for me.
-you’d know that I am addicted to Pinterest and DIY projects
- you’d know that my family means the whole world to me. They are my support system.

                                                   This would be my sweet little Maggie.
                                                  This would be my amazing family.
                                         This would be my mischievous little devil, Milo.

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  1. This is great too! I loved learning more about you. It's great that you seem to have taken some nice, positive lessons and/or memories from your not-so-great experiences, and that's my favourite thing to see, when people do that. :)


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