Tuesday, 25 September 2012

What are you going to be

I find that ever since I graduated from high school (and even before then), people always seem to ask me the dreaded question... "what do you want to be when you grow up?" or "what are you going to University for?". I would get this question over and over from my family members, old friends, family friends, and people around my town (I come from a small town). This question has always been so hard for me to answer. In elementary school, I wanted to be a teacher and ever since then my mind changes every once in awhile... everything from a social worker to a personal trainer. I find it so difficult to figure out the answer to this question and still to this day, in my 3rd year of university... I am not 100% sure of what "I want to be" but I am learning to be okay with that. 

For right now, I am getting my 3 year Kinesiology degree which means that I should hopefully be done school by the end of this year. For those of you who don't know, Kinesiology is basically the study of the human body and how it moves and functions... so this can get you a career in anything from personal training, to recreation management, or you can work at a gym or other health facilities, etc. After I get my degree, I'm not positive what the plan is... I may take a year off school to take a breather and maybe find a Kinesiology job (which is harder than you think, if you don't want to live in the city) and then I may apply to Physiotherapy school in 2014. Like I mentioned before, I find it so hard to know what career is really going to be satisfying and fulfilling to you. I am a strong believer in the saying "find a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life", so I really want to find a career that is rewarding, interesting, and keeps me on my toes. I love helping other people and I am very interested in health, so that is why I think that physiotherapy may be a great option for me. It's also a profession where there is always a high demand for, even in more rural areas... so maybe one day I could have my own practice.

Everything is still up in the air but for right now, I am okay with just being. After this year of school, I think it will be fun to just fly by the seat of my pants for awhile and then hopefully figure out what direction in life will make me the happiest. I don't understand how some people know what they want to be from the time they can speak... like all those people who are like "when I grow up I want to be a doctor" and bam they become a doctor! I guess I will always be indecisive.

However, I believe that no education is pointless and if I do go in to a career field that I don't enjoy, I can always go back to school and become a brand new Kerri. The possibilities in life are truly endless! :)


  1. Well said! I also believe that you will never know what you are meant to do until you try tons of things! This is proved by my crazy, varied resume haha! But yeah my sister was one of those that knew since she was like 4?? Crazy...

    1. Definitely, life is all about experiencing new things and figuring out your life along the way! :)


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