Thursday, 15 November 2012


wearing: lots of boots with tights and dresses paired with some jewelery and scarves!

reading: just finished reading "don't cry" by Joy Fielding. It was a different book than I'm used to but I really enjoyed the mystery aspect of it! Now time to start a new book.
planning: what to buy/make everyone on my list for Christmas! I have been browsing Pinterest for some good handmade ideas to help save some cash this year :)

enjoying: my morning pumpkin coffees, Hart of Dixie, cuddles with my Maggie, and procrastinating from doing school work.

looking forward to: being down this term of school and heading home for CHRISTMAS!
feeling: excited, happy, and thankful. also a little anxious because I haven't accomplished much of my to do list today.
loving: Starbucks Christmas drinks, driving this fancy rental VW, and nightly snuggles with my man and kitty!

listening to: lots of mumford & sons, florence + the machine,taylor swift, Luke Bryan, Florida Georgie Line, etc

realizing: time is flyyyyying by! I am almost done 2.5 years of university... that's crazy talk!

I mentioned in this post that I am driving around a rental VW and let me tell you, it's beautiful! Basically, my car is in the shop right now getting looked at and they will assess the damage and see if it's worth fixing. So in the mean time, my insurance covers a free rental car. After almost 2 hours waiting, I left with this beauty of a car... I AM IN LOVE!

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