Wednesday, 28 November 2012

End of Semester

Today was officially the last day off classes in this semester! I am now done with writing papers until next semester and I get to focus the majority of the next two weeks to studying hard for my final exams. Finals is always a crazy time. I mean it shouldn't even be humane that Universities are allowed to inflict that much worry, concern, and stress into the lives of their students. I always tend to get fairly overwhelmed and find myself wishing that time would go by faster. I have 5 exams plus a lab exam to study for between now and December 14th, seems like a crazy feat right now but I know I will get through it. I have for the last two semesters! I think Fall final exams are the hardest because I know that Christmas is sooo close, yet so far away!

Otherwise, life has been throwing several curve balls at me over the last little while and I am almost at my wits end. I mentioned having car problems before and I am officially convinced that I am doomed when it comes to cars. While having my car in the shop getting fixed, I had a free renal car from Enterprise. Everything was going great for about 4 or 5 days and I was loving driving the VW Golf with heated seats and then BAM! flat tire one day. After waiting over an hour in the cold for CAA, they inflated my tire and I drove to Enterprise to get a new rental car. Picked up the Mazda 2 and that was fine. Boyd Autobody was supposed to be done with my car last Thursday, then it changed to Friday and so on until Tuesday (last night) when I finally picked it up. Brandon discovered this morning that my car is still having the same issue of the engine shaking and lights flickering whenever you stop. I was NOT IMPRESSED to say the least and left a message with our claims adjuster (she's USELESS) and then finally her supervisor. Neither of them returned our car. Needless to say we went back to Boyd today and left our car, telling them they need to ACTUALLY fix the problem. Then another problem occured, they hadn't set up another rental for us to use ("they didn't know") apparently even though it's on our file. We currently have one of their courtesy cars which I have to return tomorrow and get a new rental, while they fix their screw up. Seriously not impressed, and my devil horns definitely made an appearance today. END OF RANT!

I am currently releasing some stress by drinking copious amounts of wine, catching up on The Voice, and cuddling my Maggie on the couch. All I can say to life is, please give me a break! My life is already stressful enough and I don't think there is enough wine in the world to help me out if things don't improve.

Finally, I am excited to see my Mamoo this Friday when she comes into the city with my aunts and grandma! We will shop, eat, drink, and catch up. I love spending time with my mommy! Also maybe we can Facetime with my sister? *hint hint*

Here's to a good rest of the week!

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