Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Lacking Motivation

I am seriously lacking when it comes to motivation lately. Ever since I wrote midterms back in mid October, I constantly feel drained and don't feel like doing much of anything productive. I have a lot of things that need accomplished but I find it hard to get started on those tasks. I mean, I have 2 papers due next week and one due in the final week of my classes. I also have 6 exams I could be prepping for, corrections to make on a past paper, laundry to do, dishes to wash, Christmas presents to make or buy, etc. but I just have no energy or desire. 

I feel like I just need a major overhaul and change in life, in order to get some zest back in my life. Awhile ago, I talked about getting healthy again and consistently working out to feel better about myself and since then I have fallen off the bandwagon again. I know that if I got serious about my weight loss journey, I would feel so much better about myself and this would help increase my energy levels and desire to be productive. 

I always seem to go through a funk or two during each term when my attitude is basically "I don't care anymore", so I am sure that I can get out of this funk. I just need to take the first steps and get my butt in gear! The first steps are always the hardest but I am tired of feeling exhausted and uninterested in life... so a change I must make. Life is worth living and I believe that change will make all the difference in how well I am "living" and not just "surviving".


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