Monday, 19 November 2012

Life lately...

So this past weekend was definitely a good one, however it seemed to fly by way faster than I was hoping.

On Friday, I baby sat my 2 cousins while my aunt and uncle went to the Neil Young concert. We played board games, watched a movie, played truth or dare and generally just had a ton of fun. I still can't believe how much energy boys aged 7 and 9 have because by about 10 p.m., I was ready for bed and they were still wired. Needless to say, they were still awake at midnight when my aunt and uncle got home. 

Then Saturday, I slept in and lounged around wasting away most of the day. I did manage to make some delicious chili in the crockpot though and Brandon got to eat some before I drove him to work on Saturday night. Then I came home and got ready to go to Rumour's Comedy Club with Jenna, my best friend. It was a night full of laughs, good foods, a few drinks, and then topped off with some free bowling. 

Goofin' around.
Then Sunday, I had to wake up early and drive Brandon to a Master's bowling tournament (have I mentioned how much I love being the only one who can drive our rental car?... not!). Then I came home and went back to bed until 11, oops! I spent my afternoon writing a paper and then I got to take a break to go for supper with Dave, Brandon, and Sarah. We went to The Tavern and shared 4 different appetizers! It was delicious and filling. Then I topped off my Sunday night with a nice phone call with my momma.

It's so crazy to think that I only have 7 days of classes left, which means that after lectures end the only thing standing between Christmas break and I is 2 papers and 6 exams. Even though the end is so near, I can't let myself get excited yet because I need to stay focused for the next 3 weeks. It'll be tough getting through all of those exams but I have done it 4 times before (each semester of uni), so I am sure I can make it through again! Can't believe Christmas is so soon, I am very excited :) I plan to put up the tree in the city this week and also get started Christmas shopping by attending a handmade craft sale this weekend in the city. Bring on the holidays! :D

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