Friday, 23 November 2012

Friday Letters...

Dear cars, Please stop breaking down on me and making me frustrated! My car is currently in the shop getting fixed (after a minor rear end accident) and for the past week I have had a rental car. This morning while driving Brandon to work, the beloved VW golf had a flat tire. After waiting for an hour for CAA, the tire got fixed and I was late for class!

Dear school, I would appreciate it if you would stop stressing me out and making me a very angry, grumpy person. I just want these 2 papers, 1 lab report, and final lab to be over so I can focus on my 6 exams (I would much rather study than write fyi).

Dear sister, please start keeping in touch more. Update your blog, post some pictures, shoot the fam an email, update your facebook... anything to let us know you're alive and well (just kidding). But seriously, we want to know what you're doing in Rome!

Dear Brandon,  thanks for calming me down this morning after the flat tire scenario and getting me a cafe mocha to keep me warm while waiting. You really are so thoughtful and you always have my back! I love you :)

Dear Maggie, please stop sleeping on momma's head all night. I mean I love you but you wake me up on average about 10 times per night. Please resort to any other spot on the bed you silly kitty!

Dear weekend, thank god you are finally here! I have had one heck of a stressful week and I just need a few stiff drinks right about now. You wouldn't judge if I started drinking at 2:30 in the afternoon would you?

Dear Christmas break, HURRY THE HECK UP! 


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  1. Hahahaha. Oh, Kerri. You poor, poor soul. I hope everything looks up! And, yes, the break can't come any sooner.


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