Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Coffee Date

One of my favourite things to do with old or new friends, is meet up in a cute, cozy coffee shop for a skinny vanilla latte and some good old chit chat. Today, I will settle for a virtual coffee date. 

Today if we met for coffee, I would tell you that today is a snowy but mild day in Winnipeg and that most of Manitoba received a huge dumping of snow yesterday.

I would also express how excited I am to spend time with my sister tonight after school. It's so weird to have her back in the same city as me after 5 months of her being in Europe. I think we will probably have some tea, go thrifting, and possibly bake or cake something yummy! I really don't mind what we do, I am just so happy to be able to spend time with her again.

I would tell you that I stressed myself out over the weekend by thinking about everything that is going on in my life and how busy school will be this month. I feel better now but sometimes things just get way too overwhelming for my liking. I cured this stressful time with a few drinks, a bubble bath, and a few of my favourite shows!

I would also tell you that I joined a 10 pin bowling league on Sunday evenings with Brandon. Brandon has always been a 5 pin bowler and his parents owned a bowling alley for many, many years so I knew that eventually I would get sucked back in to bowling (I used to bowl when I was a child). I would tell you that so far it has been really fun and I am trying my best to make improvements every week!

From this whole Sunday night bowling league, I have realized that I may be starting to like beer. Brandon got a Bud Light Lime and I thought "I'll just have a sip" and I found myself wanting to keep taking more and more sips. It was refreshing and light! The same thing happened with wine for me in the last year or so and now I can't get enough :)

Lastly, I would tell you that I am thankful for these last few weeks of winter in Manitoba. By the time January rolled around, I was sick and tired of the cold and snow which is no surprise. However, with a few weeks of above average temps in February, I was excited for a snow storm to hit yesterday. I want to soak in every last minute of the snow and cold, of having to wear a winter coat and boats, and of weather suitable for tights and dresses before the next season of life comes. I won't lie, winter is by far my least favorite season and I am really excited for summer sunshine but it's important to enjoy all the seasons that life has to offer :)

Now it's your turn. What would you tell me if we were able to meet up for coffee today? Ready, set, go!

Happy Tuesday everyone :)

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