Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Why blogging is important to me

These pictures are irrelevant to the post however kitty cuteness is always needed! :)

For awhile now, I have been thinking about why I started this blog and why I enjoy writing on here so much. Some days, I feel like I am wasting my time since I virtually have no followers and my blog isn't really "growing" and then other days I'm super excited to come home, sit down with my computer, and write whatever the heck I want to. It really is a form of therapy for me and often times I feel a lot lighter and relieved after writing out a post. Even if the post isn't deep or thoughtful, I still enjoy sharing pictures of my life and talking about my day to day life.

I understand that my life isn't super exciting and thrilling at all times. I get that my pictures aren't the best quality and often times I have grammar and spelling mistakes in my post (I know, what a crime), however I could care less. After many months, maybe even a year, of reading other peoples blogs about crafting, fitness, DIY, cooking, weight loss, and their lives in general, I worked up the courage to start my own blog. It also helped that a few of my friends I met through work (hey Britt & Danielle) last summer shared their blogs with me and encouraged me to start my own.

When I first started my blog last July and published my first post, I had no idea what to expect. I didn't know anything about designing my blog, writing a blog, or connecting with other bloggers. I virtually spent hours and hours online looking at other blogs, researching how to improve my blog, and how to be the best blogger. I have read my fair share of blogs and I understand what most bloggers consider to be "right and wrong". I am glad to say however, that I choose to do my own thing on this blog. I could care less if I don't have a million followers or comments on my posts or if people don't enjoy my blog because I LOVE my blog. I love my little personal journal space. I enjoy being more mindful in my life and remembering big and small moments of my life. Before this blog, I found myself not paying much attention to my life and not documenting my life like I should. When I was young, I always had a diary or a journal. Looking back it evokes memories and emotions in me that I couldn't conjure up without those words I wrote. Like how I felt when my first love broke my heart or when my grandpa passed away or when I got asked to play for Team MB women's rugby team. These are all huge moments in my life that are tucked neatly away in my journals and diaries and this blog is my "grown up" journal. I enjoy it and heck I love it when people tell me they enjoy it too... but I will never be a true blogger because I will always do things my own way. I will not conform, I will just be myself. Plain and simple. 

I look forward to growing my blog in my own way, to learning new ways to make my blog more visually appealing, to meet people with similar interests to me, and to continue sharing my story and my life with you. I'm glad you're along this journey with me!


  1. My blog started like that for a LONG time. It was a place for me to document things that I wanted documented (like a scrabook or online journal) to this day it is so cool to go back and read those posts. I am so glad I have those to remember the great times and the not so great times. There were few people that read all of that greatness (Ha!) but I did it for me and now that my blog has blossomed to where it is now It is such a blessing to connect with so many great women and share my journey and inspire that many people. Keep it up lady!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I'm hoping that eventually my blog will grow and I will get more followers but for right now, I am not too bothered. I'd rather do things on my own terms and take it from there. I love your encouragement! Also, I love your blog. One of my favourites, you're so inspiring & cheerful :) have a wonderful day!


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