Friday, 1 March 2013

Fit Friday #6

Hellllllo March!

I will admit that this past week, I have fallen off the healthy eating/exercise train a bit so I don't have workouts or recipes to share today. Instead, I thought I would re-cap on my February goals and make some new goals to work towards in March! By the way, I can't believe how quickly February flew by. It's exciting thought because March means that spring is just around the corner :)

 February Goals:
1. Workout at least 4 times per week.
 Achieved! It was usually more often than 4 days/week, so I am happy with that.
2. Make more time to read for fun. Whether it be before bed or between classes.
Failed. I feel overwhelmed with the amount of reading I have for class, so I just never took the time to read for fun.
3. Think of something cute/simple/cheap to make for Brandon for v-day!
Failed. However, I did make him a cute card.
4. Drink more water everyday. This will help keep away headaches and will increase my energy.
Achieved! When I work out more often, I naturally crave/need more water. This past week I have failed this goal and I am definitely noticing.
5. Find the joy in volunteering again. I volunteer with WUSC at my university and lately it has felt like a chore. 
Achieved! There are a few events coming up in March that I am pumped for. Stay tuned!
6. Find/make awesome presents for my sister Ashley for Christmas/Birthday.
Achieved! My other sister Steph and I went together and bought her an infinity scarf, fair trade bangles & earrings, photo album, and candles.
March Goals: 
1. Try atleast 5 new healthy recipes & make sure to document it to post on the blog.
2. Continue to work out 4-5 days per week.
3. Be more intentional in my relationships. Whether that be in person, over text, through snail mail, etc.
4. Get my butt in gear and find a summer job, time is running out.
5.  Be able to hold a plank position for 1 minute and a wall squat for 1 minute.
Setting goals is always something I have enjoyed doing and it makes me push myself a lot harder than I could imagine. I think it will help to print out my March goals and tape it to my mirror, so I can make sure to stick to them better! So far 2013 has been a great year and I am looking forward to achieving new and challenging feats this month!
Have a fit & fun weekend everyone! :)

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  1. I think it's incredible that you're able to work out, as well as being a student! That's really inspiration for me! I teach a Zumba class every Thursday night, and that, unfortunately, is all I'm getting these days. I'm falling into the "typical student" zone...I want to go to the gym so badly, but I feel like I haven't had the time. And then, all I want to do is eat the crappiest food on the planet. However, I'm going to be far less busy in the weeks ahead, so I hope I can get back to the gym!!


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