Friday, 22 March 2013

I confess...

Happy Friday everyone! :)

A little shout out to my momma, it's her 50th birthday today! I am pretty positive she doesn't read my blog, but if one day she decides to... she will see this haha! I love you mom, thanks for being so dang wonderful :) Can't wait to celebrate with you next weekend!

I hope you have a few extra large drinks to celebrate tonight!
So I know I said I would get back on track and start back up with my Fit Friday posts... however, I just had a week from hell and had no time to cook or workout (I know, dumb excuse). So I am making myself accountable and I WILL be back next Friday for a post on fitness/nutrition. They truly are my favourite posts to write because it's my passion... I love everything to do with healthy eating, trying new recipes, working out, etc. That explains why I am getting a kinesiology degree I guess :)

For today, I have some confessions to make... or maybe just things I want to share/get off my chest. So here goes nothing.

1. I  confess that... I have been thinking about changing up my hair, possibly quite drastically. I am someone who likes to always try something new and different, like cuts, colours, bangs, etc. Literally I haven't changed my colour or style very much in the last year and it's starting to drive me crazy! I am thinking about going back to side bangs and a light-ish brown with highlights for summer. 

This cut!
Something close to this colour!

 What do you think?

2. I confess that... I have been very moody and hard to be around this week. I know that it is because of stress and having so much due this week but boy do I feel sorry for Brandon. It's clear that I need a weekend just to unwind & relax! Sorry love.

3. I confess that... I get really annoyed and frustrated that my skin only seems to be getting worse every year. I thought that my acne would go away once I was an adult and it's definitely not happening. I think I need to visit a doctor and figure out a routine to get it under control.

4. I confess that... Brandon and I have been thinking about travelling more and more. We are hoping to do some sort of road trip or mini vacay before we start our summer jobs... he wants to possibly drive to B.C but I mentioned possibly just a couple day trip to the states (since I've never been). I hope that we can do more travelling in the next year or two as well, since I won't be as tied down by school! :)

5. I confess that... I generally have a really hard sticking with anything for too long. My Fit Fridays are a perfect example of this. I have many interests, desires, and goals and often times I get overwhelmed and just quit them all. As well, my healthy & fitness journey is an example of this. It's not that I don't have the knowledge to get into better shape, lose some weight, and ton up... it's just that I lose motivation and give up. I need to work on this! 

6. Finally I confess that... I desperately need this relaxing weekend that is ahead. I need to give my brain a break, I need to re-connect with my goals, I need to be more easy going and less stressed, I need to do whatever the heck I want to for 2 whole days! Can't wait :) 

 Here's to the freaking weekend!

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