Friday, 15 March 2013

Not So Fit Friday & Being Thankful

Not so Fit Friday

So I told myself that I would get back on track this week but sometimes life throws curve balls at you and it just doesn't happen. The only day I managed to workout this week was Tuesday and I tried a new free online workout program called BeFit in 90. BeFit in 90 posts a new workout plus tips everyday on youtube and they are usually around 30 minutes long.They include a warm up, cardio portion, specific body part workout, and cool down/stretch and I really enjoyed the day 1 workout.

This is the day 1 warm up video.
I couldn't get the whole workout to pop up, so just type in "BeFit in 90 Day 1" into YouTube and you should be good to go!

This week I overall ate pretty healthy and focused on increasing my water intake because I have been getting crazy headaches lately. I admit that I did make coconut & chocolate chip cookies on Wednesday evening for Brandon & I. No regrets though, they were delicious and chocolate always helps to heal a broken heart.

Being Thankful
This week with the passing of Sasha, I found myself paying closer attention to the things that bring great happiness to me. I find that lose and grief always has a way of bringing about a new perspective to your life. I really do have so many things in life to be grateful and thankful for, so why not take a minute to talk about them.

1. I am thankful for my wonderful family, whether they be blood relatives or not. On Wednesday I sent out a text to my mom and sister, just letting them know about Sasha and they both responded immediately letting me know that they are there for me. As well, my oldest sister Ashley (one of my only faithful reader; HI ASH!), texted me on Wednesday saying she read my post and that she was there if I needed anything. Also, Cathy (Brandon's mom) called me Wednesday evening because she knew I was upset about Sasha and so was she. We just chatted, reflected on all our memories of Sasha, and she told me that it's okay to be upset. That call really did help out a lot and it made me realize how easily Brandon's family has accepted me as a part of their family. I am so, so incredibly lucky to have a whole other family who has my back.

Cathy and I.
2. I am thankful for nights spent babysitting my cousins. My aunty called me on Wednesday evening and asked if I could babysit Dylan and Liam while they went to the Jets game. I immediately said yes and then I spent Thursday looking forward to it! It was the easiest babysitting job ever, we just played games and cards for 4-5 hours and it was so much fun. I will mention however that there is not greater form of birth control then babysitting 2 rambunctious boys who solely talk about pooping and farting... trust me, I'm no where near ready for that 24/7 hours a day 365 days a year.

Dylan (a few years back).
3. I am thankful for motivation and my work ethic. I have mentioned before that I have 16 papers to write this semester and I HATE writing papers. It's been a challenge but I have completed 11 out of 16 papers and I am so glad that the end is near! I received my hard work ethic from both my parents, as well as idolizing both my sisters (who are very intelligent and dedicated individuals).

4. I am thankful for this little blog of mine. I could really care less how many people read it because it has become such a good form of release and therapy for me. I love being able to sit down to write whatever is on my heart. It is my little journal where I can document my everyday happenings and I am glad that blogging has encouraged me to take more pictures and pay closer attention to what is happening in my life.

5. MUSIC. What more can I say... I love how music takes away my stress. I am constantly listening to music and it especially helps while writing those dreaded papers. Also, you better believe I am one of those crazies who cranks the music in the car (to the dismay of Brandon) and sings at the top of my lungs. Sure I get lots of stares but I could care less. Just try it, I dare you... you will judge no longer.

6. Finally, I am thankful for Brandon & Maggie. Duh. There really is no explanation necessary. They are my little family who I love so dearly. I love knowing I get to come home to both of them every night, especially their cuddles. Enough said, cuddles rule.

I think that's enough rambling for one day.
 Happy Friday Blog World! Make sure to get your Irish on this weekend ;)

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