Friday, 5 April 2013

Fit Friday


I feel that it's important to be honest with myself and sometimes it just helps to get things off your chest. I have to admit that lately, I have been less than pleasant to be around (just ask Brandon). We have been fighting constantly this week and I have been letting my temper & anger get the best of me (clearly violating my 2013 goals). I think it's because I am so dissatisfied with myself and so annoyed that I can never stick with my goals. In other words, I have fallen off the healthy eating/exercise bandwagon. With school being beyond stressful (so many papers & now exams) and then heading home last weekend, I have just kind of lost my rhythm. I ate way too much Easter candy, stopped making time to work out everyday, and I just generally feel annoyed with myself. I know that I need to stop being so hard on myself (which is harder said then done). I honestly feel like I just need time to reflect and think about my actions and how they affect other people. It's not fair that I take out my anger on Brandon, when all he does is love me and care about me. I need to breathe, to remember that life is too short to be angry and resentful, and to keep in mind that summer (a slower season) is just around the corner. I need to be more thankful, life is good.

Anyways, I thought I would share an arm workout that I made up with you today. I am really hoping to tone up my arms before summer hits for tank top/dress season. Do this workout every 2 to 3 days (to allow recovery) and I promise after you're done your arms will be burning! I have already seen results :)

Like it says, the weights you use depends on your fitness level and if you're just beginning use lighter 3 or 5 lb weights and then up the weight once those become too light. It is good to lift heavier for less reps since this will help you tone up much quicker! I promise you won't get bulky either ladies (we don't have enough testosterone for that). I'm not a fitness expert however I am getting my kinesiology degree and have taken many fitness courses. You also may need to use lighter weights for certain moves, such as the lateral raises (they are my least favourite move, but so effective).

I recommend doing this workout 2-3 times weekly and add in plenty of cardio as well as moves for other areas of your body. Sometimes it's nice to focus on a specific part of your body one day, ie. legs, butt, abs, arms, chest, back, etc. or you can incorporate fully body exercises as well. Just make sure to make whatever you're doing fun!

If you wish to see more workouts I love take a look at my Pinterest fitness board!

Here's to a happier & healthier weekend!

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