Monday, 22 April 2013

Weekend Recap

How did Monday get here so fast? The weekend just always seems to sneak by so quickly!

On Friday, I made a trip to the doctors office to figure out what the heck was wrong. I mentioned in my post on Friday about the rash I had on my back and belly. It turns out that I have shingles! I was amazed at how quick everything went at the doctors office, I was in and out within 15 minutes. I walked out with a prescription in my hand and my plans for a wine date with Sarah that night quickly faded. I then headed to Walmart to fill my prescription and after an hour of waiting (so not impressed), I went to my car and popped a couple pills. Then it was off to Stella's for supper with my bestie Jenna. I had to cut it short because I was in so much pain and I headed home to nap and take some advil. Turns out, my weekend would consist of an intense and burning itch on my back and belly, a lot of pain, and sleepless nights

I wasn't going to let it put a damper on my weekend though, since I had some awesome plans! Brandon and I bought tickets for a Jets game back in February and Saturday was the day. We went for lunch first with his sister, brother and dad (who also went to the game) and then it was game time. It was my first NHL game and it didn't disappoint. The atmosphere was crazy, the fans were energetic, the food was amazing, and the game was intense. The game even went in to overtime and then a sudden death shoot out which lead to the Jets losing. Overall though, it was an exciting game though and I loved the experience! Then Brandon and his family left for Minnedosa and I spent my Saturday night on the couch relaxing and watching New Girl :)

Then on Sunday, I got a weird wake up call from Cleo (Sarah's cat) who decided that 6 a.m. is an appropriate time to hump a blanket on my bedroom floor. Cleo's favorite past time is humping and he often steals my clothes to hump (eww I know). Usually I find it hilarious but at 6a.m. I was less then impressed! I then went back to bed until 9:30 and my sister and Andy came over at 10 to have pancakes and do taxes! I get a $750 rebate, so I can't complain. I then relaxed all day and headed out to my 10 pin bowling league at 6:15. Brandon and I stayed to visit with our friends Sarah and Sandra after and we had apps. It turns out the 4 of us probably won't get to go to Minneapolis anymore next week but Brandon and I are still going to road trip somewhere, so I'm still excited! :) We got home at 11 and I headed straight to bed and slept until 10 a.m. 

I am excited for a relaxing yet productive week this week. I will be packing, cleaning, purging, and get organized to move home on Saturday! I look forward to spending the last few days living with Sarah, for a double date night with Andy & Ash, and for seeing a few friends before we head home for the summer. 

Happy Monday! 
A picture of Milo, just to add a bit of cuteness to your Monday!
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