Saturday, 6 April 2013


Both pictures from last fall out of the window of my farm house. Breathtakingly beautiful!

I don't usually write posts on the weekends but today it's gloomy outside and I am procrastinating writing my English Lit paper, so here I am. I honestly had a rough week, very emotional and eye opening and I realized I need change and I find that writing always helps me feel better.

I am currently...

loving: the fact that I am done year 3 classes & only have 1 paper and 4 exams standing between summer break and me!
looking forward to: candle making with my sister, being done this English Lit paper, Jets game on April 20th, taking my cousins bowling, being done exams, summer time (since we're skipping spring in Canada, silly snow!), moving home at the end of April, and going to Saskatoon to move my sister home at the end of April too! I have so much to look forward to :)
watching: Lately, I feel like there isn't a lot I look forward to watching however I have been loving The Voice! I feel like it's the only singing competition that interests me anymore. It also helps that I love all the coaches! Otherwise, I am watching New Girl online and I always keep up with Hart of Dixie and Heartland too.

reading: The Flying Troutmans by Miriam Toews. I loved her book A Complicated Kindess and so far this book has been great too. I also love that she's a fellow Manitoban :)
eating: I just ate hashbrowns, poached eggs & fruit for lunch. So yummy!

listening to: Imagine Dragons, Mumford & Sons, Florence + The Machine, Phillip Phillips, etc. Basically any mellow music to help me stay focused on writing my papers.
thinking about: how I have no desire to write my English Lit paper and also about how much I am craving change, adventure, and spontaneity. I have a feeling that over the next year or so, I will be getting a good dose of adventure... so excited for what the future holds for me!

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